Budget Vacations: Take A Short One!

Having a vacation doesn’t really mean that you are obliged to take one week or ten days leave from work. As a matter of fact, weekend vacations are just as satisfying and fun as with taking long ones. If you could have the advantage of taking a day off during Friday and Monday, then the better! If that’s the case, you would have four days off from work. However, even if two days are all you’ve got, for sure you could still have a good time.

Love Your State

Each state offers wonderful destinations which you could go visit within a few hours of driving only! Getting an idea on where you can go for a weekend vacation would highly depend on the place that you’re living in and how long the travel time that you would have to take to get to such special places around your state.

For instance, if you’ll be coming from Kansas City that is situated in the state of Missouri then you could choose to visit weekend vacation spots such as the Branson, Ozarks, and Excelsior Spring. Additionally, St. Louis could be one great weekend getaway spot from Kansas City.

The Internet Advantage

One good and helpful way for you to see what is viable for one weekend vacation is through checking the Internet for airline ticket prices going to destinations and states that take only a few number of hours from where you’ll be coming from.

Again, for instance, if you’ll be coming from Kansas, then those destinations would include Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Vegas, South Carolina, Houston, and the likes. Going on board a flight right after your work could seem stressful and hectic. However, it doesn’t really have to be that hectic if you prepare beforehand and pack up your things the night before. You may want to drive yourself going to the airport, then park your car in one of the terminals, or you can choose to leave your car at your office’s parking area and then just get a cab or ride the shuttle bus going to the airport.

Weekend Vacation Choices

There are several weekend vacation activities that you may want to engage in. In fact, you may even want to engage into one different activity every other weekend if you wish! As a guide, here are some of the best weekend vacation activities that you can choose from.

Going camping is not old school. This is still yet a very much enjoyed weekend activity by many. Simply pack up your tent,best jacuzzi hot tub, motor home or van and you’re ready to hit the trails. Try looking for a good campsite that is near a lake. One that is near the mountains is good too. Additionally those situated inside national parks or forests that you have always wished to visit are viable choices. If you’re not so into camping then you could rent a cabin instead.

You can also choose to go on float and canoe trips. It would be best if you do this with some of your friends or family to make it more enjoying.

For a romantic getaway, you may want to go for bed and breakfasts. These could be very relaxing and can even make you feel as like you are being pampered. Most have Jacuzzis, hot tubs or even pools where you can relax in for countless of hours with your spouse.

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