Budget Vacations: Take A Short One!

Having a vacation doesn’t really mean that you are obliged to take one week or ten days leave from work. As a matter of fact, weekend vacations are just as satisfying and fun as with taking long ones. If you could have the advantage of taking a day off during Friday and Monday, then the better! If that’s the case, you would have four days off from work. However, even if two days are all you’ve got, for sure you could still have a good time.

Love Your State

Each state offers wonderful destinations which you could go visit within a few hours of driving only! Getting an idea on where you can go for a weekend vacation would highly depend on the place that you’re living in and how long the travel time that you would have to take to get to such special places around your state.

For instance, if you’ll be coming from Kansas City that is situated in the state of Missouri then you could choose to visit weekend vacation spots such as the Branson, Ozarks, and Excelsior Spring. Additionally, St. Louis could be one great weekend getaway spot from Kansas City.

The Internet Advantage

One good and helpful way for you to see what is viable for one weekend vacation is through checking the Internet for airline ticket prices going to destinations and states that take only a few number of hours from where you’ll be coming from.

Again, for instance, if you’ll be coming from Kansas, then those destinations would include Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Vegas, South Carolina, Houston, and the likes. Going on board a flight right after your work could seem stressful and hectic. However, it doesn’t really have to be that hectic if you prepare beforehand and pack up your things the night before. You may want to drive yourself going to the airport, then park your car in one of the terminals, or you can choose to leave your car at your office’s parking area and then just get a cab or ride the shuttle bus going to the airport.

Weekend Vacation Choices

There are several weekend vacation activities that you may want to engage in. In fact, you may even want to engage into one different activity every other weekend if you wish! As a guide, here are some of the best weekend vacation activities that you can choose from.

Going camping is not old school. This is still yet a very much enjoyed weekend activity by many. Simply pack up your tent,best jacuzzi hot tub, motor home or van and you’re ready to hit the trails. Try looking for a good campsite that is near a lake. One that is near the mountains is good too. Additionally those situated inside national parks or forests that you have always wished to visit are viable choices. If you’re not so into camping then you could rent a cabin instead.

You can also choose to go on float and canoe trips. It would be best if you do this with some of your friends or family to make it more enjoying.

For a romantic getaway, you may want to go for bed and breakfasts. These could be very relaxing and can even make you feel as like you are being pampered. Most have Jacuzzis, hot tubs or even pools where you can relax in for countless of hours with your spouse.

How To Get Around The Barcelona Airport

Barcelona Airport is the primary entrance into Spain via the air.  It is known as El Prat.  Since it is so close to the center of the city it is a great place to come in at any time of the year.   Since the rates are now so low it is becoming easier to fly and vacation year round as opposed to just during the summer months.  This has lead to more visitors and fliers into the city.  There are many options for transportation from and to the airport to make it easier to get back and forth to the airport.  Some of your options include taxi, rental car and bus.

Suggestions For Getting To And From The Airport

We all have different methods that we prefer to use when we leave the airport.  We will explore what some of these are and how to best procure them to get the transport that you want to use.
*    Rental Car- If you are looking to be self reliant and want to be able to maximize your time while in Barcelona then a rental car is probably your best option.  To keep you moving from place to place and keep you on time for all of your meetings you should choose to use a rental car.
*    Taxi- If you enjoy the feeling of being driven around from place to place then this is the mode for you.  You will also like the feeling of being chauffeured around town.  However there may be a wait and you will not necessarily have immediate service for your needs.
*    Train- This is a great mode of transportation with many stops and pick up locations.  There are always trains running and they have times available from 6 AM until 11:30 PM.  This is a fairly inexpensive mode of transportation to use.
*    Bus- This is located in front of the A and B terminals at the airport.  Many of the times are similar to those that are used by the train.  This is known as the aero-bus and can be a very efficient means of transport.
*    Private transfers- This is essentially a limousine service to use while you are in the city.  It is used primarily by people who are looking for private tours or those that are looking to find special trips in a private car around the city.

All of these services are available at the top airport hotels as well as providing information booths throughout the airport for all f the customers.

Air Travel: Is the Clothing You Wear Important

When it comes to air travel and clothing, we are all different. There are some travelers who are dressed in business suits, others in traditional jeans, and others who wear something as comfortable as possible, such as their pajamas or sweat pants. With the recent increase in airport security and the recent change in air travel rules, there are many individuals who wonder if the clothing they wear to the airport is important. If you are one of those individuals, you can rest assure because, in most cases, it is not.

It seems as if ever since airplanes became the popular way to travel, a focus has been placed on comfort. Regardless of whether or not you will be taking a long flight, you will want to be comfortable. There is nothing worse than wearing an itchy sweater or tight pair of pants up in the air. Unless you bring a chance of clothes with you and place them in your carryon bag, you are out of luck. That is why it is important that you think of what you will be wearing before you leave for the airport. Even if you are traveling for business, you should be able to change in to your business clothes as soon as you arrive at your destination, even in the airport bathrooms.

When it comes to comfort, as previously mentioned, many air travelers make the decision to wear sweat pants and a comfortable top. In addition to being comfortable, you will find, in most cases, that these types of clothes are the best for airport security, especially when entering airport screening checkpoints. This is because most sweat pants are not made with any metal items. Essentially, this means that you should be able to enter the security checkpoint and leave it quicker than most other travelers, such as the travelers who are decked out in accessories.

When it comes to clothing accessories, you will find that a number of different items set off airport metal detectors. That is why most airport security officers request that you remove all of your jewelry. Once your jewelry is removed, you will need to place it in a small bin, which will be scanned right along with your carryon luggage. Whether you have rings or a necklace, you are advised to remove them, if you can. For your convenience, you can leave your earrings on. If by chance, you earrings set the metal detectors off, you will likely be pulled a side and airport security should easily be able to tell whether or not your earring were what set off the alarms.

In addition to jewelry, you will find that your belt may even set off an airport’s metal detector. For that reason, a large number of airports have requested that you remove your belts before entering the metal detectors. Since a large number of travelers wear belts, this is done to help speed up the process of checking each and every passenger. If you do not enjoy removing some of your jewelry or removing your belt, it is advised that you leave those items at home.

Recently, a number of new air travel rules have been implemented. One of those rules requires that all passengers remove their shoes and scrubber machine. Your shoes, once removed, will be scanned by an x-ray machine, right along with the rest of your carryon luggage. In recent years, only random passengers were asked to remove their shoes, but now everyone is. For that reason, you will to wear simple shoes that you can easily remove and put back on.

Another air travel rule, recently implemented, is the ban of liquids. This means that adults are no longer allowed to bring a drink onboard, even bottle water. It also means that you are prohibited from placing liquid beauty supplies in your carryon luggage. One concern, made by many women is the allowance of gel or water filled bras. Currently, you are allowed to wear these types of bras onboard an airplane. Honestly, unless you mention it to airport security, there is a good chance that they would never even know.

Since there are really no rules or restrictions on the clothing that you can wear while flying the great skies, you need to choose for yourself. Whether you want to be fashionable or comfortable, it is all up to you.

Gap Year Travel Insurance Help!

Taking a year out to go traveling? Make sure you have organised a travel insurance policy before you travel, the last thing you need is to spend all your hard saved money on unnecessary bills like medical expenses.

With no cheap travel insurance such as a huge amount could mean having to re-mortgage or worse sell a house to cover the costs. Just a broken leg or some sickness abroad can cost a huge amount as medical expense. Roughly around £10,000 for a broken leg expense abroad. If you’re a traveller taking time out for a Gap Year or extended time abroad, either travelling or working or even visiting distant relatives, Gap Year Travel Insurance helps you.

If you are a young traveller, looking out for a long vacation gap travel is the apt one for you. You can cover around 80 sporting activities such as scuba diving, winter sports and bungee jumping, some at additional cost. Go skiing, bungee jumping or any other sports activity with gap year travel package. Get insured at the most favourable rate, insurance for gap year travelling helps you choose the best travel insurance.

Also consider how you’ll keep in contact with family and friends back home; most countries have internet cafes and phone cards to help you. Or you may decide to take a laptop and use wireless internet points which are usually available in hostels and guesthouses.

Be aware that some insurers may not cover for certain countries so it’s worth doing a quote first, to get an idea of countries you will be covered for. A policy covering personal belongings and medical expenses is the bare minimum you should take out; one which will reimburse you for any further cancelled flights or other modes of transport is also a good idea.

Few tips when you travel abroad carry copies of visas, passports and medical records in a different place to the originals. Send such copies to family and friends before you leave, and even email them to yourself. Carry contact numbers and addresses of the British Embassies of each country you visit, so that in case you need it on an emergency you have it handy.

Get special cover on your backpacker insurance, these specialist policies can offer incentives that regular policies can’t, including cover from three to eighteen months. Such backpacker travel insurance uk policies, also cover working overseas, which is usually necessary for an extended trip.

Premier And Luxurious Dubai Hotels

Jumeirah owns the Emirates Towers hotel, the Jumeirah Beach hotel, the Madinat group of hotels, which includes Mina A Salam, Al Qasr & the Madinat Souk which houses the largest swimming pool in the Middle East. Jumeirah also owns the amazing desert hotel, Bab Al Shams, located in the desert with sand dunes rolling from its perimeters and making a fantastic landscape for the falcon shows and camel riding they offer.

All Jumeirah hotels have amazing architecture and are worth a visit for this alone. This, together with their famous customer service values, makes them a great choice for visitors to Dubai. For a true taste of Arabia, visit the Madinat Souk, part of the Madinat and Mina A Salam complex located on Jumeirah beach. This resort offers 42 restaurants overlooking the Burj Al Arab and each is situated on the edge of their very own canal. Watch the dhows transport the hotel guests around this vast complex on their waterways and lagoon. It really is a beautiful spot for a sundowner or a meal incorporating food from all over the world.

There are many other famous branded hotels in Dubai that you can find from hotel booking sites, from The One and Only Royal Mirage to Hiltons, Sheratons (both beach and airport locations), the Kempinski Group, Shangri La Group and Crown Plaza among many others. Most hotels are at 5 star standard, however there are some lower cost hotels such as the 4 star Al Manzil hotel, located behind the world’s tallest building the Burj Dubai nestling in its own Arabian style architecture and complementing the huge sky rise buildings surrounding it.

The Grosvenor House hotel located in Dubai Marina is a fantastic venue for staying or visiting their restaurants and bars. Have a drink in Bar 44 located on the 44th floor of the hotel and offering amazing views of the Marina area, and then take the express lift down to the fabulous Buddha Bar for a fusion of Thai and international cuisine.

All 5 star hotels in Dubai have pools, gyms and restaurant facilities with many offering spa areas as well. Of course the crème de la crème of spa facilities has to be located within the 7 star hotels of the Burj Al Arab, where reservations are recommended and the environment is so much part of the treatment you will never want to leave!

Many hotels also offer apartment facilities so if you are here longer term and want to experience more of the home comforts, these are a great option.

Other companies capitalizing on the huge tourism market here are with their Versace Palazzo hotel and the Trump Towers hotel (located on the famous Palm Island). Versace should be opening its doors to the international elite during 2008 with the Trump Tower hotel opening scheduled to be around early 2010.

Ranging from amazing desert hotels, luxury beach hotels and fantastic corporate hotels in the city, Dubai offers an eclectic mix to choose from. However, all are within close proximity of all tourist facilities, shopping malls and attractions as well as its fantastic beaches – you can’t go far wrong with any location. Most city business hotels located along Sheikh Zayed road also have affiliations with beach hotels and will transport you to the beach during your stay.

Top Three Things You Should Consider In Looking For A Marrakech Hotel

Marrakech Hotel

Before taking a trip to the wonderful country of Morocco, travelers should first look for a Marrakech hotel where they can stay. This task may sound fairly easy but believe me, finding a nice hotel that can cater to all your needs can also be frustrating. If a traveler can’t find a Marrakech hotel where he can comfortably rest during his vacation, chances are, he may not enjoy his trip after all.

Morocco is among the top countries in Africa that continue to attract more travelers. And if there is one thing they shouldn’t dare miss, it is the medieval charm of Marrakech as one of the country’s imperial cities. However, for you to make the most out of your travel adventures, it is highly recommended that you book your hotel as early as possible, that is, to guarantee a gratifying Marrakech vacation. If you happen to be one of the many tourists who wish to visit Morocco this year, here are the top three things you must consider in searching for a Marrakech hotel:

Check the Accommodation Costs

Traveling can be expensive– a reason why you need to know how much your Marrakech hotel accommodation may cost. Hopefully, this can help you manage your traveling finances more and expect the best in your African tour. If you are in a tight budget, you’ll be advised to stay in more affordable hotels in Marrakech. Fortunately, there are a number of discount hotels and inns in the city that can meet your expectations at the lowest possible price. All you need to do is look for cheap accommodations to save more money.

You can also search through the Net for online Marrakech hotel booking agencies that offer low-cost accommodations. Or, find special packages or programs that you can afford to help you cut on some of your travel costs.

Know the Location of Your Marrakech Hotel

If you want to book a hotel in Marrakech, another thing that you should think about is the location. Most business travelers usually stay in hotels near the airports, so they can conveniently travel. This way, transportation won’t be a problem with accessible taxis and public utility vehicles that can take you anywhere you want to go.

However, if you are interested in staying longer in the city, it will be better for you to book a Marrakech hotel near the famous attractions of Morocco. As such, more establishments are now situated around the medina, so travelers can easily go to the souks or stroll around the historical sites in Marrakech.

Do Not Forget About the Services

Since your Marrakech hotel will be your home during your trip, it is important that you check out the services that most establishments usually offer their customers. Always keep in mind that the staff of the hotel where you will stay must provide you with efficient and high-quality services. Make sure that your hotel of choice can immediately meet your needs.

In addition to these, learn about the facilities of your Marrakech hotel. Inquire about the amenities of the hotel, so you can always have a relaxing and comfortable stay. Five-star hotels usually have swimming pools, fitness gyms, and in-house restaurants. A cheap accommodation in Marrakech, on the other hand, has the necessary facilities and amenities that you can use.

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Explore The Garden Route South Africa

Garden Route South Africa

The Garden Route is one of the most scenic stretches of coast in South Africa. A paradise located between the Outeniqua and Tsitsikamma mountains, and the Indian Ocean, it is an area of outstanding natural beauty. With lush green forests and sandy beaches it’s not hard to see why some call it the ‘Garden of Eden’.

The Garden Route is a very safe self-drive destination which starts from the Mossel Bay area and finishes at Storms River in the Tsitsikamma National Park. For those that would prefer a change from driving, there is the Outeniqua Choo Tjoe. The Outeniqua Choo Tjoe is the last remaining passenger steam train in South Africa, and operates between Mossel Bay and George.


Oudtshoorn is surrounded by the Outeniqua Mountains to the south and the Swartberg Mountains to the north, and situated in the centre of the Klein Karoo plains. Oudtshoorn is known as the ostrich capital, with vast numbers of the birds in the region. Four farms offer daily tours: Highgate, Safari, Oudtshoorn and Congo. The Cango Caves are one of the most spectacular attractions in the area. The Cango Caves are 3 limestone caverns covering a great distance, and filled with fascinating stalactites, stalagmites and helictites. It is also a great wine producing region, and forms part of the world’s largest wine route!


The town of Knysna is situated between lush indigenous forests and the peaceful shores of the Knysna lagoon, and has some of the most impressive scenery in Africa. You can enjoy the scenery up close by riding on horse back, or cycling through the forests. As well as the impressive scenery, there is an abundance of things to do whilst you are there, from cruising out to the Knysna heads, or playing a round of golf down by the estuary.

Plettenberg Bay

Plettenbery Bay is one of the most beautiful resort areas in South Africa, with mile upon mile of white sandy beaches. The climate stays warm throughout the year, making it a great location to relax and unwind. The Plettenberg Bay is teaming with all kinds of marine life. Of particular note are the large schools of dolphins and whales that are a common site during breeding season. These can be seen on one of the regular whale watching tours that are run from the bay.

With great natural beauty, and plenty of activities for all, the Garden Route is a great destination to visit when you are on South Africa vacation!

A Fiji Vacation Package To Navini Island


Why not take a Fiji Vacation Package to Navini Island that can be booked from www.tourvasia.com, it would be an excellent choice for a Fiji honeymoon, and you would have little difficulty putting together a Fiji honeymoon package with any well known travel agent. Many people take a Fiji vacation every year, but the trick is to get the right degree of exclusivity and relaxation, and Navini has all of that.

Navini is one of the smallest island resorts close to Nadi, on that side of Viti Levu, and it is a private resort, where you can expect a casual and thoroughly relaxed time. The closeness to the international airport makes it an obvious choice for the first few days of relaxation after stepping off a long haul flight from say Europe, before beginning a sweep of the South Pacific.

You will be met by Navini Island Resort staff at the airport and within an hour you will be at Navini, and even swimming off the beach. There are no crowds because there are no trippers on this Fiji Vacation Package.

The island is small, you can wander round it in 10 minutes, because Navini is a coral cay and is only ever a few feet above the sea. It isn’t just coral, although of course the beautiful coral sand and the turquoise ocean are an outstanding feature. There are coconut palms, and lots of shade, and masses of tropical flowers.

Navini has only 12 bures including a honeymoon bure, all on the beach and overlooking the coral reef, which makes it the perfect start to your Fiji honeymoon. There are 36 island staff which outnumbers the guests so you will get to know the smiling Fijian staff and appreciate their infectious enthusiasm and laughter, and also appreciate their culture and generous hospitality which is unequalled anywhere.

At Navini Island your time is your own. It may be you decide to go snorkelling on the bright multicoloured reef, visit a local village on a complimentary morning outing, kayak around the island, visit Nadi town on a shopping trip, or perhaps just lie in the shade enjoying the amazing views.

There are other activities but if this is your Fiji Honeymoon, or a Fiji vacation Package to escape the stresses of 21st Century life you may want to do nothing at all. You could of course sail a hobycat, a sailboard, a spyboard or a sea cycle. All these activities cost you nothing. If you feel energetic there is the afternoon volleyball game, or you could read a book from the resort library or perhaps even a massage.

You can of course go scuba diving, para sailing or sports fishing, for which there is a fee albeit a modest one.

As you will realise Navini Island gives you a very laid back exclusive Fiji vacation package and could be a most delightful choice for your Fiji honeymoon.

Apart from accommodation, which is very comfortable if slightly Spartan, food and drink feature highly on any vacation package, and you will not be disappointed.

Navini’s dining room is open air beautifully situated between the tropical gardens and the turquoise sea. The food is a mix between traditional Fijian and innovative cuisine. There are choices at all times, and always beautiful fresh fish and local fruit, everything cooked in the kitchen.

Once a week there is a traditional Fijian night with a ‘lovo’ which is food cooked underground, and then a kava ceremony with Fijian singing by the staff.

You will go to Navini island for your Fijian Vacation Package or that once in a lifetime Fijian Honeymoon, and arrive as a guest and leave feeling you have made many friends.


Period Of Validity Of A Chinese Visa

The period of validity of a visa refers to the period of validity of the visa itself. The holder of a visa is eligible to enter China at any time prior to the expiry of its period of validity (allowed to enter China even before the 24:00 hour of the last date of its period of validity), so long as the entries granted on the visa have not been used up.

A visa becomes effective from the date of issuance. The visa automatically becomes invalid once its period of validity expires regardless of whether its entries are used up or not.

Chinese Embassies and Consulates-General do not extend the period of validity of an issued visa. Holder of an issued visa should apply for a new visa if he or she intends to visit China after the expiry of the issued visa. Foreigners holding an expired visa shall be refused entry into China. Make sure the visa is valid before you set off for China.

Source: TripVisa.my